Fall is.

This year fall is…

Looking out my back door & seein’ crazy fall skies.

crazy cloud skies (1 of 1)

Drinking some delicious drinks with my family on the patio.

cider drinks (1 of 1)

Jayde & Bonnie spending time together outside.

bonnie jayde backyard (1 of 1)

Making stacks of homemade Naan bread & stuffing them with anything I can think of.

chicken fajita naan (1 of 1)

Watching my gorgeous son show me some new tricks he’s learned with his yo-yo.

jai yoyo 3 (1 of 1)

Listening to some new music my daughter introduced me to.

logic youtube (1 of 1)

Drinking some yummy fall teas.

fall teas (1 of 1)

Making a fire out back in the new pit my dad built for me.

new firepit (1 of 1)

Enjoying this ice cream that comes out every fall.  (I love Blue Bell)

bluebell pumpkin icecream (1 of 1)

Chatting with my favorite creatures.

2 fav creatures (1 of 1)

And loving the cold weather nights where I can make some yummy crockpot meals like this Cheeseburger Soup.

cheeseburger soup (1 of 1)

Ahhhhhhhh.  FALL.

Gimme the Loot


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Jayde was so excited when her belated birthday present arrived in the mail.

She’s been wanting a Loot Crate for a long time.  It’s a monthly subscription box that come with an assortment of things that are geek/gamer type stuff. This months theme was FEAR, and since she’s been into the Walking Dead (Telltale game) I thought it’d be the perfect time to get her one.

loot crate coll 1

She got kitty-cat skull t-shirt, a 3-D comic book with some 3-D glasses, some Toxic Waste candy, Smite code,

loot crate coll 3

a Dead Rising chainsaw pen, a How to Survive a Sharknado book (cause you know….everyone needs to know this), slashes & bites stickers & a little zombie picture and pin.

loot crate coll 4

loot crate coll2

loot crate box (1 of 1)

fear pin (1 of 1)Get one. They’re fun!

She’s only 17…

that’s the only song I can think of. (although, I loved this song & sang it as a teen, I now know that it is highly inappropriate & kinda creepy too)  Anyhow, we celebrated my beautiful daughter’s birthday last Friday.

She woke up to Tomodachi  Life wishing her a Happy Birthday!

tomagochi (1 of 1)

I made her these pumpkin cinnamon rolls I found on her Fall Pinterest Board.  I adpated it to use my breadmaker so it would be less work for me & I honestly don’t think I did the recipe any harm.  They were delish!

We did our usual birthday breakfast. Sang Happy Birthday, blew out the candles and opened gifts.

blowing candles (1 of 1)

gifts (1 of 1)

I got her just about all the fall scented lotions from Bath & Body works.  Lemme tell ya, they all smell amazing.  I love the Pumpkin Latte & Marshmallow the most though.  I also ordered the Madagascar Vanilla Cream for myself & it is heavenly.

bnb works (1 of 1)

Jaidan got her a Creatures t-shirt.

seamus creature shirt (1 of 1)

& drew her a picture of The Nob Face with Fabio Hair.

fabio of nobs (1 of 1)

She looked so cute in her little strawberry & cherries dress she ordered off Bonne Chance Collections.

We took her out to P.F. Changs for lunch.  The horses matched her dress.

She wanted Thai food & I wanted ambiance so it was a compromise.  I left my review here on Trip Advisor.  Next time we’ll do authentic Thai.

pad thai (1 of 1)

mini dessert (1 of 1)

Next we went to the movies & watched The Maze Runner.  She’s been wanting to see that since it first came out.  It was a good one. They’ll def. be a part 2.

Then we walked around the mall.  Jacob bought her some cute banana & pancakes socks that she adored.  I bought her a bananas shirt.

bananas shirt (1 of 1)

And then we headed home. It was a long day. She fell asleep on the way home.  Daddy carried her in.

daddy carry (1 of 1)

We ended the night with our traditional Friday food, Pizza and watched The Voice.

 I seriously cannot believe how she’s grown so fast.  She talks of having her own place after she graduates…but I won’t let her.  I’ll do everything in my power to make her stay with momma forever.  She’s an independent young woman with a list filled with goals.  She’s wise beyond her years…much more than I was at her age.  I’m proud of her & she’s brought so much joy & laughter into our world.  Love you baby girl.

Bonnie & Jayde

Lately Jayde’s been building strong bonds with her sister.

jayde bonnie3 (1 of 1)

They love spending time out in the yard together.

jayde bonnie (1 of 1)

Rollin’ around in the grass…

jayde bonnie1 (1 of 1)

gettin’ wet doggie (& dry human) kisses. :*

jayde bonnie2 (1 of 1)

This makes Bonnie a very happy girl.

bonnie (1 of 1)

I love that my 2 daughters are getting along and spending so much time together.  This makes me a very happy momma.

jayde bonnie4 (1 of 1)

At the County Fair

Saturday Night, 3 Hags & 6 muddy boots.   We enjoyed the art exhibits and looking at the animals.

white rabbit (1 of 1)

“Hey, why you eyeballin’ me?”

Nothing like a sleeping hog.

Hello cutie!

spin swing (1 of 1)

Our fun but short ride on the Ferris Wheel.

One thing about the fair is that I’ve always looked forward to the food. After this year, I will never crave it again..  In my memories everything tasted so good. Sausage on a stick, freshly squeezed lemonade, candy apples. MMmmm…Our corn dogs, chicken finger baskets were all frozen. Even my beloved shrimp po’ boy that I almost got until I saw the man dump pre-frozen breaded shrimp into a fryer.  Whew! Close call.  I quickly ran away from that scene.   Even the hamburger looked like it was gonna be good when I saw them making the patties and frying em up but I guess they had a pile of em’ done & kept em’ warm in a covered pan because when I bit into it, it was lukewarm.  Ugh! My memories have caught up to reality.

Afterward we headed toward the outdoor concert area.  John Conlee & Micky Gilley took Merle Haggards place.  He was already belting out “Common Man” when we showed up.  Then he sang an old favorite, “Rose Colored Glasses” where he actually put on a pair for the song.

john conlee (1 of 1)

We didn’t stay for Mickey.  My feet hurt, we were tired and I smelled like stinky cigarette smoke. I was done.

Overall it was fun spending time with my favorite girls but I think it’s safe to say that we won’t be going to the fair for a very long time.


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